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45 Customer Reviews

by Hector553

Sep 13, 2022

I have agreed to have an exchange after…

I have agreed to have an exchange after paying over £200 to get the latest hairdryer with the flyaway attachment. I was on their waiting list to tell me when in stock to be told a whole year later they do not do them (but are in the box with the latest dryer).
This was all on 26th August. After 10 chats with different advisors on whatsapp and 0800 number I still do not have my new dryer. They have lied and lied to me about delivery, it has been coming 29th August, 1st Sept, 2nd Sept, 5th Sept, 7th Sep and latest 12th Sep and still no dryer. I cannot get to speak to a manager at all to find out when I will be told the truth and when I get my hairdryer

by Stephen H.

Sep 08, 2022

worst experience with PH02-PH04

I bought the machine PH02 in February 2021 and was very satisfied with this machine until May 2022. In May to July 2022 I wrote many times to support, was several times in the Dyson service center and had no results with repairing my Dyson PH02. I lost a lot of my time. At the end of August 2022 I received a new model PH04. I was very happy that finally my suffering was over. At the beginning the new machine worked correctly. Maybe a week ago I heard a whistling sound from this machine. And this sound disappears when I turn off the machine and appear again after. I think something is wrong with the humidifier , because this sound appears only when humidity is low. And it is all the same like in my old Dyson. I'm very disappointed with the quality of your purifier+humidifier, because the new machine worked correctly for only a week. After this i wrote to customer support again and they offer to send the new machine again. I asked about refund or extended warranty( because i just want to make sure that that 3rd machine will work correctly at least 2 years, it is difficult to trust again when you spent $1000 and all that you have it is a problem what to do and how to resolve the issues, i already had 2 machines with severe defects and warranty that is going to expired within 6 month)- i was refused. And then i was surprised when resolution team worker began to threat me that if i will not agree to receive the new machine without extended warranty i will go to Dyson service center instead new machine even it is unsuccessful.
Don't recommend to buy any product of this company. 2 of 2 my purifiers+ humidifiers had defects. And never think that someone from the resolution team threatened me instead of doing everything possible to resolve the complaint.

by Leonard

Sep 06, 2022

Absolute worst customer service…

Absolute worst customer service (foreign, broken english) I have ever encountered. The app populated which filter to purchase for my unit. Received wrong filter but had the correct filters pamphlet in the box explaining how to change out. Customer service ended chat with no resolution.

by Rodriguez

Sep 04, 2022

Customer service is great, but product does not wrk

Customer service is great wit Dyson. I always get excellent, and they are knowledgeable.

About the product. I bought an Animal. The back plastic latch to keep in dirt would not work. Took it back and got the 2nd one. This lasted for 6 months. Spent 45 minutes on phone and sent back to factory. Received the 3rd one, only to have it work for 6 months. All filters were clean, ext. You have got to be kidding me! The 3rd one. I just threw it away and did not want to bother with it. I could care less about the money. I just wanted a vacuum to work!!!

by Gary245

Sep 02, 2022

Disappointing on several levels.

I recently purchased a cordless vacuum for my 2nd home. My first Dyson purchase. I’ve exclusively owned Miele and never had issues.
I opted for a refurbish as an eco friendly choice. I don’t usually check return policies before buying, assuming it’s typically a 30day rule, but I learned my lesson.
Refurbished items purchased directly through Dyson are not eligible for return at all. I don’t understand this if it is Dyson certified.
My reasons for returning are simply battery capacity. I used it once; normal power had mediocre suction so I tried max power and the thing lasted 8minutes! I mean, I get that it’s cordless but what can you clean in 8 minutes? My black and decker handheld lasts longer!
So I had hoped to exchange. Nope! Now I’m stuck with an overpriced Dustbuster.
I don’t think Dyson is worth the hype. As a hairstylist, I prefer tried and true salon brands, and as for vacuums? I’m getting a bagless Miele and will stay Miele faithful. I regret falling into the Dyson hype!

by Terri4

Sep 01, 2022

Website needs improvement and customer…

Website needs improvement and customer service is terrible. I own 5 Dyson products (an air filter, 3 vacuums, and a hair dryer). I generally like the products but the customer service is terrible. The links to replacement parts doesn't work and the website recommends the wrong size pre and post filters for vacuums. To return a product takes a monumental investment in time (I spent 29 minutes with a customer service rep in the Columbia, South America office) to get a return label and still didn't get it. Called the corporate office to get it). They need to establish an easy return process ON-LINE (hint: Go to amazon and copy their process).

by Bobbie W.

Aug 31, 2022

Appalling customer service - 2 months, no refund despite 5 conversations, and online chases

Dyson customer service is appalling. No refund has been provided after incorrect parts were sent out by Dyson 2 months ago. Every time i call up, the agent is saying something different. Rang about 4 times and whatssaped their Dyson chat as well - no luck. Explained to the agent I would like to make a complaint and he hung up and didn't bother calling back either. This is now being escalated.

by Mia R.

Aug 30, 2022


horrible. for some reason the world thinks that dyson sell good products. ive bought 2 purifiers. both ended up breaking. they sent me a replacement (referb) which also did not work. i called and i was told to basically suck it up. wow.. they suck!

by Jessie807

Aug 29, 2022


Terrible. Never buy again. If you live in an area where there is no dyson center service, you simply trash away a $500 if you have a problem out of warranty.

by Shane090

Aug 29, 2022

Dyson is a lousy company, horrible customer support

The battery on my Dyson vacuum cleaner was no longer working. I had to purchase a new battery for $115.
Today’s the ninth day since I made a purchase and I still haven’t received it yet. I have not received Email confirmation with the tracking number, but when I called customer service they provided me with the tracking number. It shows that the label has been created but it is not at USPS facility yet. I called twice and complain but representatives are not willing to help and saying that there is nothing they can do I just have to wait. It’s hard to believe that Dyson doesn’t offer expedited shipping, consider the urgency. It’s been 12 days since I vacuum cleaned my house and obviously it’s a mess. It doesn’t make any sense because originally I paid almost $500 for my vacuum cleaner expecting great customer service and tech-support. This would be my last purchase at Dyson. What a disappointment.

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Dyson 25 when using smells like burning rubber. Motor over heating after short time being run? Need help to diagnose problem. I've cleaned roller, filters, motor assembly. Still over heating!!

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I have put my new SVO7 Hepa cordless vac together that I bought from Dyson and when I plugged it in to charge, a red light flashed about 10 times and quit. Now what?

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I have cordless upright. DC44. Serial # cw9-us-Dhb4659a. I've called several times or more in the past due to problems I have with it. Was sent a new canister and then beater brush. Always helpful but never fixing the problem. When I call they problem solve with me, check the filter, dust in battery area, wash filter, etc... Again helpful but never fixes my problem. It cuts out when using it. Don't know if it's the switch or what. Use it for about 10 seconds and stops. Wait, pressing the start button and then will work again for maybe 10 seconds. Eventually stops turning on for awhile. Please can you help me! Love the product but this has been going on for over a year! You will see history notes on my calls in the past. ( Betty McGregor, yuba city, ca). Can I send it to you for inspection or get replaced or something. This is so frustrating and given how much it costs, I can't afford to just simply replace it and buy another one. Thank you for your help. My email is [email protected].

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Hello... I own an up rite Dyson. The problem I am having is the wheel will stop turning when I am vacuuming the carpet so I will have to push down on the button that switches it over to vacuum hardwood floors, It will spin for a little while but then quit... so other words the wheel keeps stopping and it acts like I'm vacuuming a hardwood floor... I have already cleaned the filter and emptied the cartridge. Can you tell me why it is doing this and how it can be fixed? Thank you, Bonnie

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